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Satellite Broadband and 3G WiBE

3G Mobile Broadband Router

WiFi Hub for rural area broadband.

HS - 21 Indoor £348 incl VAT and Delivery

Replace your standard 3G dongle with a 3G WiBE from Rural Broadband for a faster speed and connection.

Even where you cannot even get one now!

Just what you need to get connected and to be able to share your mobile SIM by Wifi or network connection.


The WIBE is not available directly from, but their SIM cards work well with WiBE. 

As do 3G SIMS from Vodafone, EE, 02, Giff Gaff and Virgin mobile.


Access to the Internet is an everyday part of life, but in many areas ADSL speeds are slow and satellite and fixed broadband wireless solutions are expensive. The WiBE (Wireless Broadband Extender) uses multi-beam antenna technology to extend the range and throughput of a 3G mobile network. This allows the 3G network to be a viable option, bringing speeds of up to 21Mbs with the HS21.

The WiBE scans using a patented multi-beam antenna system and selects the link offering the best data connection. It keeps scanning automatically to ensure that the best available link to the 3G network is maintained.

The WiBE provides WiFi coverage within the home or small business using a powerful IEEE802.11bgn WiFi router with many advanced features. These include integrated security and firewall, as well as QoS (Quality of Service) support.

We have no control over the strength or availability of the 3G mobile signal as this is provided by your chosen mobile provider. Weather, seasonal growth, network upgrades, mast failures etc can all have an impact on resources so please bear this in mind if deciding to purchase any 3G device to get online.

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